Low-cost recording.

Research and listen to music on this comprehensive reference source.
Online store.

Aquarium Drunkard
Audio blog featuring daily music news, interviews, features, reviews, MP3 samples, and sessions.

Updates your band profiles across MySpace, Facebook, Twitter, and other sites.

Booking widget, interactive press kit, live entertainment business network, career support, performance
feedback, eight thousand venues.

Membership-based independent artist portal with industry news, music, charts, and shopping.

Cross-platform sound editor.

Audio Incorporated
Sound system installation, sales, and rentals, New York City area.

Drop-ships merchandise, CDs.

Avid Audio
Pro Tools audio creation and production software.

Dedicated e-mail marketing system helps you build e-mail lists and stay in touch with your

Easy tools to share your music. Shows where your fans are, what they’re listening to, tracks they’re
obsessed with, and which they’re skipping; streaming and downloads.

A communication, organization, and management tool for bands, enabling bands, crew, and
management to communicate, store files, and manage gigs, social networks, finances, and fans.

Band Metrics
Analytics. Identify fans, measure social engagement, find hot markets, track radio plays, discover
trends, gauge attitudes, get in-depth reports, and more.

Band Name Maker
Name your band.

Band Promote
Band promotion and marketing, music industry relations.

Take control of your career, get organized. “A suite of DIY tools all available and packaged in one
smooth, cohesive web application.”

Easy-to-use tools for bands and musicians to create and maintain websites with industry-level

An all-in-one musician marketing platform that helps bands build their websites, promote their
music, and sell it online.

Big Live
Films concerts of emerging and unsigned bands and broadcasts them on the web. Also uses its social
network for virtual concert events.

A digital media measurement (metrics) firm, the digital-industry equivalent of Nielsen SoundScan.
Tracks digital airplay, streams, and downloads. Publishes Ultimate Chart (,
the week’s most popular artists and songs; integrates data from song and album sales, radio airplay,
online audio and video plays, and fans.

Billboard magazine
Music industry Bible.
Note: Billboard and MySpace’s new Dreamseekers chart is made up from aspiring artists culled
from the web. The chart appears weekly in Billboard magazine and on the Billboard website.
Twitter-like music sharing and recommendation network.

Mobile recording truck (New York City area).

One of the world’s leading concert merchandise companies owned by Universal.

Audio equipment and software. Leading developer of powerful and easy-to-use products for music
creation and recording.

CD Baby
CD Baby is the largest online distributor of independent music, providing digital and physical
distribution; DIY musician blog.

Champion Sound
E-mail marketing, Twitter and Facebook integration, guest list management, MP3 track storage,
and distribution.

Free online publishing tools help you complete and sell your work. Distribute on Amazon, your
own website, and other retailers without setup fees or inventory.

Cut Merch
Smaller-batch, on-demand merchandiser.

Disc Makers
Everything you need to copy, print, and package CDs, DVDs, posters, and postcards. A sister
company of CD Baby.

Donenfeld Management
Financial services; business management, tour management.

Thomas Reitz’s Entertainment and Concert Promotion, Inc. represents artists and events and
provides services to major and upcoming touring artists.

Provider of software and online services for touring, offering “Master Tour,” a system to help you
plan, manage, and track your touring operations.

Express Entertainment
Keith Cooper’s artist management and music publishing service.

World’s number one social network that allows you to create a band profile, set up an artist page,
and add your music from other sites. Use it!

Music fans get the latest content from their favorite bands in one download. Interactive platform.

“We make managing e-mail lists, mobile lists, and social networks fun, easy, and effective. . . . Get
more fans, excite and track fans, keep fans engaged.”

A social media marketing agency “fostering targeted word-of-mouth conversations with the
individuals, influencers, and gatekeepers who inhabit the online social-media landscape.”

Fenway Recordings
Mark Kates’s artist management (not a label).

Location-based social networking. Use to interact with your fans and maximize your appearances.

Gen-Y Rock Stars
Greg Rollett’s fantastic resource guides and blogs for the independent musician.

Find venues and events; get gigs.

Database of live bands; helps you book gigs throughout the United States.

Go Daddy
Domain name registration.

Google Analytics
Google Alerts
Stats from your website; get e-mailed whenever you are mentioned online.

Online music search engine, music streaming service, and recommendation software application
allowing you to search, stream, and upload music; offers ways to share and promote your music
to fans; Grooveshark artist dashboard offers tools for creating and managing merchandise sales,
licensing new music, and making deals with labels, producers, film, and TV.

Gotham Rocks
New York City’s modern rock showcase series. Prizes, endorsements, marketing, terrestrial and
Internet radio, plugs, interviews; websites and web content; television ads and shows.

Guitar Center
Ultimate place to find instruments, amps, and other band gear.

Home Recording
Blog offering advice and equipment for home recording.

Howard Rosen Promotions
Independent radio promotion. Gets your music on the radio.

E-mail marketing solution allowing you to capitalize on the revenue generating power of e-mail

Inadaba Music
“Network and make music together through online collaboration . . . Tools and services from
networking to education, to production, promotion, and distribution.”

“Provides your live show sales numbers” to SoundScan to help get your indie band charted on
Billboard’s indie charts.

Indie Band Manager
Helps with gigs, promotion, and merchandise.

Indie on the Move
Venue details and ratings from across the United States.

Invisible Records
Martin Atkins’s website. Label, Tour:Smart programs (see also,
tips for touring, videos, music, and forums.

Online store.

“The largest database of show listings and ticket information, authoritative content, community,
and personalization tools for fans.”

KMFDM band website.
A music service that connects you to people who like what you like.

Basic legal agreements; see especially

Live Nation
Big merchandise companies.

Library of Congress: U.S. Copyright Office
Copyright forms. File online.

Live Music Machine
Get gigs.

Loud Feed
Promote your music on websites, blogs, social networks, or on your Loud Feed site.

Mobile Roadie
“A turnkey platform to quickly and inexpensively build and manage mobile apps.”

“Makes it easy and affordable for any business to build and manage a mobile website”

Music and Technology
“Resources for the recording musician.”

Music Arsenal
Manage and schedule upcoming projects, plan tours, and find places to promote your music.

Musician’s Friend
Gear, lighting, accessories, and effects.

Music Submit
Submits your music to genre-specific radio stations, online music magazines, directories, blogs,
podcasts, indie record labels, and other electronic music media.

Leading social network offering music, videos, and products. A social entertainment destination that
includes a mashup with Facebook, providing customization of interests that allows the subscriber
to follow artists or celebrities they like and lets them establish a personal entertainment stream on
their profile. Also provides artists with a vehicle to sell their music, list performance calendars, and
promote their band via MySpace Dashboard.

Terry McBride’s companies: labels and management.

New Music Seminar
New Music Seminar: a conference for the next generation music business. Go there!

Next Big Sound
Tracks analytics and provides a centralized place to monitor all the behavior and activity happening
for artists both online and off.

One place to easily manage everything about your business; direct-to-fan e-mail marketing, MP3,
CD, merchandise, and ticket sales, as well as management tools for marketing and analytics.

Database of music-industry-related web information in over fifty countries.

The Orchard
Music and video distributor that drives sales across more than 660 digital and mobile storefronts
in seventy-five countries, as well as physical retailers.

Music discovery and community for all genres, with iPhone app for connecting with artists on the
go. Owned by AOL.

Provides software and services that help you manage gig booking and promotional and administrative needs.

Online streaming radio in all genres allows indie musicians with physical product available on
Amazon to be in their rotation.

iTunes-based social network for music. “Follow your favorite artists and friends to discover the
music they’re talking about, listening to, and downloading.”

Killer commentary, music and tour news, and reviews.

Discover and listen to free music online; create and share playlists.

Worldwide concert industry news and reviews.

Music news, reviews, blogs, and tour dates; also film, TV, and pop culture.

Get your band organized, from your contacts to inventory to press.

Resource site with info on general business, recording, touring, promotion.

Marketing, publicity, booking, recording, and legal tools to “make a living making music,” utilizing
marketing initiatives via showcases, tours, music, and innovative projects.

A central site for tracking, promotion, on-demand CDs, download cards, merchandise, and
distribution. “Fan collection features, gig tools, stats tools, opportunities to earn money.”

Richards & Southern
Country music’s top tour merchandise company.

Helps artists promote and fund projects via Internet crowdfunding.

Radio directory with over 47,000 free streaming Internet radio stations.

Section 101
Web-based publishing platform “provides artists with an easy-to-use environment to intuitively
create, deploy, and manage their digital persona, while providing integrated tools to organize and
leverage their fans via branded communities and viral content.”

“Release[s] music into major digital retailers including iTunes, Rhapsody, AmazonMP3, eMusic,
Napster, MediaNet and all of their respective international stores such as iTunes Europe and
Amazon UK; . . . link[s] social networking into the retailers.”

Create EPKs, book gigs, get analytics, and other tools.

Online audio distribution platform. “Takes the hassle out of receiving, sending, and distributing
music for artists, record labels, and other music professionals.”

Online mastering studio.

On-demand music streaming, in both free and premium services, and now claims to have more
than six million users in Europe.

Business advice.

Super D
The nation’s number one rack jobber, a wholesaler with “the world’s largest selection of music,
movies, and games.”

Tech-9 Music
Concert promotion and booking at Live Nation, AEG Live, and Six Flags venues and others on
the East Coast in conjunction with Gotham Rocks.

Services ranging from full-service marketing and site development to web design; pick, pack, and
ship custom merchandise.

Track Entertainment
Lee Heiman’s website. Lifestyle marketing, event management, technology.

Automates video uploads and gets them posted to YouTube, Facebook, MySpace, etc.

Digital music distribution, promotion, manufacturing, registration, product.

Use Twitter and Twitter music apps to connect with fans.

Unsigned Band Web
Free music: unsigned bands.

Virtual Label
Digital and physical distribution; manufacturing, marketing, publicity, touring, business
management; artist management. This is Peter Wright’s new company. Make sure you read his
interview for some great insight on distribution.

Insurance, equipment deals, travel, events booking, and management.

Content management system.

On-demand merchandise.

Musical instruments, amps, and recording equipment.