Rockin’ in the New World by Bob Tulipan

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Part field guide, part artistic coaching session, this rockin’ book by a seasoned insider explains the ins and outs of the music industry in plain English. Bob Tulipan shares his expertise to help musicians protect both their art and their interests. Practical, accessible, and filled with engaging anecdotes, it addresses common hurdles that every band faces on the road to success.


Why You Need It!

If you have the talent to make it big as a music star, get the know-how you need to make those dreams a reality!

To rocket to the top of the music charts and fill seats at concerts today, you not only have to be committed to your art, but also understand all aspects of the business. Rockin’ in the New World provides you with an insider’s look at how the industry operates and explains how to maximize your band’s potential in order to enjoy creative and financial success. It covers rehearsals, writing songs, recording and performing live. You’ll also learn from the experts about getting the most out of the internet, physical and digital distribution, publishing, and much more.

What People are Saying

Part field guide, part artistic coach. “There is nothing like this in the marketplace today.” His book has sections for new and for established bands- even sections for artists’ loved ones. “It’s all done in a way readers can embrace– in a friendly voice, with real advice from people like themselves in similar situations and professionals they respect.”
– Jeff Benjamin, Billboard Magazine | August 6, 2011

“A Must-Have Reference for any artist interested in making a living and Rockin’ in the new music industry!”
– Gregory Hewes, RethinkPopMusic


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About the Author

BOB TULIPAN has worked in the music industry for more than thirty years. He produced shows with The Police, Cheap Trick, Judas Priest, the Talking Heads, Gloria Estefan, PIL, and many other acts in the USA and abroad; promoted theatrical films by The Rolling Stones, Yes, and Rod Stewart; managed PIL, the Psychedlic Furs, the Only Ones, and other notable artists; and founded a successful international company providing consulting services for major record companies, booking agencies, and clients ranging from Madonna and Nine Inch Nails to Elton John.