Contributor Quotes

Joshua Simons & John Caputo |
“Of all the aspects of personal lifestyle, none surpass the power of popular music as the means by which people define their persona—their memories, their social connections, their sense of fashion and style, their source of entertainment, their refuge, and how they choose to devote much of their leisure time. Music fans everywhere continually seek ways to express and enjoy their love of popular music, from recorded material to concerts, artist-branded merchandise, fan clubs, Internet sites, TV and radio programming, music-based films, and more.”

Gerry Gerrard | President, Chaotica Inc. Booking Agency
“Everyone seems to think that it’s record labels, agents and managers who have all the ideas but it’s not true. It’s the artist. All the other persons’ jobs are to interpret what the artist wants, so if the artist doesn’t have a plan, then everyone’s in trouble.”

Henley Halem | President & Founder, HRH Music Group | Manager of Green Lantern and others
“Be original, follow your dreams, master your craft, and focus on going one step at a time rather than trying to get to the top of the mountain as fast as possible”.

Keith Cooper | Manager & Publisher, Express Entertainment, The Fourmula
“Without a successful song, nothing else matters.”

Terry McBride | CEO, Nettwerk Music Group & CoFounder Polyphonic
“I would suggest going and developing a great live show first. That, more than anything can propel a career.”

Mark Kates | Owner Fenway Recordings | Manager of MGMT, the Cribs, Doves, Mission of Burma and others
“A good manager has always had to manage and direct every aspect of their artist client’s career. The job is to help the artist realize their goals and maintain their creativity and integrity . . . and to be careful how you spend the money!”

Mark Donenfeld | Business Manager
“Stay involved so you know what is happening with your finances and don’t wake up one day to discover that you have no money.”