“Rockin’ in the New World” features interviews with the following industry experts:

Gerry Gerrard, Founder + Agent, Chaotica
Rob Berends,  Founder + Agent, Paperclip Agency

Emma Quigley                        Sr.Marketing Executive         EMI Music

Maria Egan                             Sr. A+R Executive                  Sony Music

Roslynn Cobarrubias                        Sr. Director, Marketing         MySpace Music

Lou Palia                                VP Artist Development         ReverbNation

Isaac Moredock                     VP Communications              Grooveshark

Bob Berman                          Founder/CEO                          

Terry McBride                       Founder CEO                                      Nettwerk Music Group

CT Tamura                             Founder                                 tech9 music/Gotham Rocks

Lee Heiman                            Owner/President                  Track Entertainment

Joshua Simons                       Founder/President               itsBANG LLC/Yours Ltd

Henley Halem                                    President/Artist Manager    HRH Music Group/One Records

Mark Kates                             President/Artist Manager    Fenway Recordings

Ken Krongard                                    President /Scout/Manager    K Squared Ent/Major Label Scout

Dave Lory                              Director/Chairman               New Music Seminar/

DJL Live Music Productions

Mark Donenfeld                    Business Manager                 Donenfeld Management

Brad Rubens                          Music Business Attorney      Law Office of Brad Rubens

Thomas Reitz                         President/Tour/Site Mgmt  ECPI Management

John Telfer                             President/Publisher             Basement Music

Bob Miller                              Owner/Engineer/Producer Bob Digital

Greg Rollette                           DIY/Digital Marketing          Gen-Y Rock Stars

Keith Cooper                         President /Publisher/Mgr   Express Entertainment

Peter Wright                          Founder/CEO                                    Virtual Label

Martin Atkins                         Musician, Lecturer,               Tour Smart/                                                                                  Author, Label Executive         Invisible Records

Andrew Zizik                         Indie Musician                       Boston, Mass

Steve Ayre                              Musician                                 The Injured List (band)

Lenawee County, Michigan

Etery Ordzhonikidze             Musician/Songwriter              Comanche (band)

Moscow, Russia

Joe Brooks                             Singer/Songwriter                 London, England

Sascha Konietzko                  Singer/ Songwriter/                          KMFDM (band)

Musician                                 Hamburg, Germany

Jen Ahlstrom                          Musician/Singer                    Rabbi and the Popes (band) NYC

Jenny Maxwell                       Singer/Songwriter                Strangefruit (band) London, UK

Howard Rosen                      CEO/Radio Promo                Howard Rosen Promotion

Pam Workman                      Founder/Publicist                 Workman Entertainment & PR

Greg Benedetti                      Marketing Expert                  Gee Wiz Marketing Communications

Bill Tierney                            Owner                                     Tierney’s Tavern, Montclair, NJ

Tim McGrath                          General Manager                  Wellmont Theater, Montclair, NJ

Cindy Sivak                            CEO                                         Sivak Entertainment

Alia Dann Swift                      Tour + Prod Mgr.                  Silver Otters Productions, Australia

Steve Swift                             Prod Mgr +Lighting  Dir.      Silver Otters Productions, Australia

Scott Harding                         Producer/Engineer/    (NYC)

Nick Launay                           Producer/Mixer/Engineer (Los Angeles)