Tulipan to be Keynote Speaker at MOVE Music Festival 2013

by RockinAdmin on March 11, 2013

Bob has been selected as the Keynote Speaker for the 2013 MOVE Music Festival. The MOVE Music Festival is an ILMG and Avid Entertainment production. The festival will consist of approximately 100 acts performing at venues across Albany, New York on April 26-27, 2013.

Additionally, MOVE will be holding a merchandise trade show and interactive round table sessions with industry professionals at the Hotel Albany lodging and convention complex in downtown Albany. The interactive round table sessions will give Move artists an intimate opportunity to connect with various companies that will provide vital information, creative solutions and online strategies regarding the development, management and progression of their music careers. By discussing current digital business models, artists will get a number of diverse perspectives on how to advance their musical endeavors and discover new ways to attain sustainability, reach more fans, book shows, promote their music and market their brand.

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