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Bob Tulipan went from the basement to the big time along with the careers of many of the artists that he has worked with. From promoting local bands and shows at CBGBs in the 70s to producing shows all around the world with The Police, Cheap Trick, Judas Priest and Alice Cooper, Bob has been promoting, producing and managing musical acts for decades. A short Bio:

BOB TULIPAN has worked in the music industry for more than thirty years. He produced shows with The Police, Cheap Trick, Judas Priest, the Talking Heads, Gloria Estefan, PIL, and many other acts in the USA and abroad; promoted theatrical films by The Rolling Stones, Yes, and Rod Stewart; managed PIL, the Psychedlic Furs, the Only Ones, and other notable artists; and founded a successful international company providing consulting services for major record companies, booking agencies, and clients ranging from Madonna and Nine Inch Nails to Elton John.

For more highlights of Bob’s 30+ year career go here:

Bob interviewed one of Gotham Rocks’ founders, Cary Tamura while writing his book, “Rockin’ In The New World” and consequentially decided to feature Cary and Gotham Rocks in his book. We recently got the chance to turn the tables on Bob and interview him to find out a little bit more about his reasons for writing the book, the reactions he has been getting from it, and a little bit of seasoned industry perspective that only someone who has seen all the ups and downs of the last few decades can give…

Gotham Rocks: What motivated you to write “Rockin’ In The New World”?
Bob Tulipan: My publisher came to me asking if I would be interested in writing a “How To” book for bands today. Having dedicated my career to fostering the arts and having worked on all sides of the industry, I believed I could write a book/guide that provided real life advice, resources, tools and career tips from the great people I’d interview and my own experience. People who were industry veterans, musicians, and doing it today; not just theory or academics written by some lawyer sitting behind a desk. I wanted it to be something written in simple language that a 15 year old could understand and be interesting for people already making their way in the industry.

Gotham Rocks: How has the book been received so far? What’s been going on with it?
Bob Tulipan: Well first of all, just a month after it was released, Billboard Magazine in their August DIY issue, picked it as a “Top Resource” for new and established bands. Library Journal picked it as a CORE purchase for libraries around the world. Since then it’s received some other great reviews, is on sale around the world and online and and is selling fairly well on iTunes. I’ve been doing radio and tv interviews and some speaking engagements and presenting free Mini-seminar events as well as sponsoring some showcases to show “I walk it like I talk it.” Best of all bands find me through the book website and ask for advice. That’s success to me. Oh yes and after saying I’d never do it again, I’m back in band management having just signed UK band “Strangefruit”.

Gotham Rocks: You had mentioned before that you wanted it to be more than just a book– more of a “movement”. Can you elaborate on that?
Bob Tulipan: I’m not looking for anything from my readers. Hell, they can borrow the book for free at the library as far as I’m concerned! I want them to be empowered with basic knowledge so they’re not ripped off and get perspective so they understand what’s what in the industry and then share their knowledge with others. Use the book as a guide and learn from my contributors like Sascha from KMFDM, or MGMT Manager, Mark Kates. As for the movement aspect, bands should know we are here for them and together we can help one another get ahead and cut through the crappy parts of the business and avoid the pitfalls. And they can come to my website with all of their questions and I’ll provide answers and advice for free and so will my contributors if they’re available. Like to me, Gotham Rock is a movement, a place for people with shared interests to join together, have fun and learn from one another.

Gotham Rocks: What did you learn from writing Rockin’ In the New World? Was there anything that surprised you in the course of researching your book and interviewing people for it?
Bob Tulipan:
First of all, how much I really love being in the business and being able to help others. I was surprised to find out that there are millions of new bands, so many more than I remember from past days and that there were so many healthy genre options. It is a great time for music. Unfortunately I also saw many really needed help. Some with basic things like stage presence, others with using social networks, networking, etc.

Gotham Rocks: In terms of what unsigned bands need to know and do to be successful these days, how is that different from 10 or 20 years ago?
Bob Tulipan:
There’s more competition due to Social Networks and you have to use them to succeed and work hard to build your fan-base both live and with music and videos you offer.

Gotham Rocks: Any advice to hardworking, up and coming bands who are serious about “making it” in the music biz?
Bob Tulipan: Buy, steal or borrow the book. It’s cheap and honestly filled with great advice, tools and resources.

Gotham Rocks: Anything else you would like to say?
Bob Tulipan:
Long live LIVE Music and Gotham Rocks! I love what you do.

Rockin’ In The New World can be found in the Music Business section at Barnes and Noble, or online at Amazon. And for more info about the book you can always check out Bob’s site:

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