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by RockinAdmin on February 19, 2011

“Of all the aspects of personal lifestyle, none surpass the power of popular music as the means by which people define their persona— their memories, their social connections, their sense of fashion and style, their source of entertainment, their refuge, and how they choose to devote much of their leisure time. Music fans everywhere continually seek ways to express and enjoy their love of popular music, from recorded material to concerts artist-branded merchandise, fan clubs, Internet sites, TV and radio programming,”
Joshua Simons & John Caputo, itsBANG

There are more than eight million artists and bands posted on MySpace, according to the site Web Strategy by Jeremiah Owyang, and obviously so many more when you count all of the other websites and social networks. In fact, it was highly publicized through multiple media outlets and confirmed by on October 25, 2010, that Lady Gaga’s YouTube videos were the first to reach one billion views. According to Oliver Chaing’s blog of November 9, 2010, Justin Beiber hit the one billion mark as well. What this book will do is show you how to make your band stand out and be the one that people want to see, hear, and buy among the millions of artists and bands already out there in the marketplace. You are all smart enough to understand that having a band is having a brand, and that it takes a lot more than just great music and playing a few club gigs to make a name for yourself. I have interviewed people like you, with bands, from around the world and asked them to provide me with questions that I then posed to experts in today’s music industry. This book, like no other book published before, will place you on the path to achieving your dreams in today’s constantly evolving music industry. I’m providing lists of resources and my accompanying interactive website ( to assist you along the way.

For more than three decades as a music industry insider, I’ve seen creative genius, epic failure, booze, drugs, human endurance, heroism, miracles, humiliation, people who’ve ruined their lives, and people who’ve rocketed to the top and stayed there. A majority of musicians plod along for a while, scoring little successes here and there, getting a gig or signing with a small or even midrange label. Then time goes by and their career goes nowhere. Things start to get repetitive. Personalities clash, the hours are grueling, shit happens.

It’s not enough to have the drive, charm, skill, talent, and intuition. What is most important is that you are committed to your art, understand the business, and persevere. For those of you who have made the decision to commit yourselves and endure whatever’s necessary to reach the top, this book is for you. Together we will cover rehearsals, writing songs, recording and performing live. We’ll discuss contracts and money management. You’ll read expert opinions on everything from making the most out of music-related internet services, developing and selling your merchandise, physical and digital distribution of your recorded music, publishing, building a fanbase, and creating the team that you will need to support you and enhance your efforts along the way.

What I will do is provide you with an inside track on how the business really operates, how to maximize your band’s potential, and how to reap the benefits of creative and financial success.

  • Mfragnito

    Bobby, I love your no BS approach to the new music business. Things are changing, sometimes for the good, sometimes not so much. What we know is that people will always be making music. Thanks for helping us figure out this confusing business.

  • martin atkins

    Congratulations BOB! this looks really great – just opened up the package and diving in!

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